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Charting New Playbooks for Your Kind Kiddo


As a parent, you’re acutely aware of the delicate balance required to support your child amidst the whirlwind of school life. Your heart is heavy with worry about your child’s overthinking and anxiety. You observe your child wrestling with their worries - encompassing friendships, their extracurriculars, and everything in between.

Your child, who is dedicated and kind, deserves to enjoy their childhood, learn, and experience the warmth and fun in friendships, academics and more. Their maturity and empathy shine through, despite the challenges they face. You are seeking help to ease their worries, you want to see them blossom and enjoy this precious time in their lives. .

Child facing challenges after session at bewelltherapy
Mother helps their child with anxiety , they enjoy now after session with bewelltherapy

Unraveling the Knot: Your Ally in Childhood Anxiety

Embark on a transformative journey with us as we navigate the complexities of parenting an anxious child. Our approach begins with a collaborative meeting with you and your partner, setting the stage for a supportive environment. We then welcome your child into our care, ensuring a seamless transition.

Our therapy sessions are not just for your child, but also a learning experience for you as parents. We equip you with effective strategies, some familiar and some new, to help you guide your child through their anxiety. These strategies, while known, may not be part of your current parenting approach. We help bridge that gap.

We believe in continuous communication and offer regular parent check-ins. This allows us to discuss progress, address concerns, and adapt our approach as needed. Join us, and let’s work together to bring about positive change in your child’s life.

Growing in Confidence and Resilience

Witness as your school-age child blossoms into a confident individual, articulating their feelings with ease. Observe as their social interactions improve, learning to set boundaries and express preferences. Embrace and celebrate the normal changes and transitions taking place in your lives. Watch as they set goals and focus on their work with newfound determination. 

We assist children ages 7-10 in balancing their attunement to others with self-awareness, reducing people-pleasing tendencies. Our approach goes beyond play therapy. We teach kids ages 7-10 about the body-mind connection and stress response in age-appropriate ways., which they can use both to help themselves and cope with anxiety and stress, but also rely on adults with confidence.

Confident Asian girl being sassy in a healthy way after session with bewelltherapy

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