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Services are suited to accommodate you and your family’s needs through individual sessions, family sessions, and specialized services for your child. We offer the flexibility to see you in person or through telemedicine.
Services and Fees
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Individual Adult Sessions
-50 Minutes

These sessions take place in person, via video, or a phone call. Weekly encounters and the duration of the sessions will ease your experience by not feeling rushed. This is the ideal time to slow down after a busy week and make the desired progress in your life.

Child-Parent Sessions
-50 Minutes

Child-parent sessions are offered in person only, at our office, and can also be provided in the comfort of your home. It is essential for us to give you the opportunity to decide where is the most convenient environment for you and your child to be able to obtain the most beneficial experience out of the therapy sessions. For services requested to be in your home, we discuss and set a travel fee for each occasion to visit you and your child for a therapy session. 

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Specialized Child Services

 Adjunct services to child-parent and child therapy sessions such as observations in school, participation and coordination for Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings, and consultation/coordination with other professionals working to support your child and family from pediatric, occupational, and developmental specialties.  The range in pricing for Specialized Services depends on the specific child services provided and flexibility in services rendered. We openly discuss the specifics of your child’s needs as well as yours as a parent during the initial
assessment. We make it a priority for our families to feel heard and identify the progress of the therapy sessions and any additional services taking place to address your child's and family's needs. 

In Office Visit 

Our office space has been put together with care and attention for your comfort and ease. We have embraced the return to face-to-face sessions for adult women like you, child-parent therapy, and child therapy sessions. We are centrally located in the Piedmont District in Oakland, near Berkeley, San Leandro, Alameda, Orinda, LaFayette, Hayward, and Castro Valley. 

Digital Reading

Telehealth and Virtual Sessions

We make sure our adult women clients can have access to therapy by telephone or virtual sessions. We care about your well-being so we make it possible to connect and equip you with the necessary tools needed at a time that is most convenient for you.

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