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A paralyzing inner critic and imposter syndrome are hidden forms of anxiety. It's possible to reclaim your sense of clarity and sanity!  Learn tools to gain the resilience you need to enjoy your life and work again. You are in control.

Female Accountant

Imposter Syndrome

Do you frequently feel like you don't deserve the success you have worked hard to achieve? It's not uncommon for accomplished women to feel doubt and lack of confidence. It can be difficult to even feel that the efforts taken to reach success are not enough. The feeling of underserving surrounds your mind with untruthful thoughts.  You simply feel you are not good enough!  If self-doubt is taking over and you feel close to falling.


Engaging in therapy can provide you with tools to regain your self-confidence, your credibility about how you feel about your hard work, and your sense of ownership for your success. Begin to feel proud and deserving of your success.  It’s time to take risks and make transformational decisions. We are on your side! You can count on us!

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Paralyzing Inner Critic

You’re putting off important decisions at work. Simple tasks leave you exhausted, and anxiety seems to take the best out of you.  If this sounds familiar, guess what? The inner critic has taken over. You’re afraid or terrified of failure. You feel the shame of not being able to achieve your goals, despite your experience and hard-earned skills. Although anxiety and stress it's part of daily life and can help with staying motivated and focused on our goals, it is important to address the anxiety that is paralyzing you.

My aim is to help you identify your own unique way to shift from the negative thoughts and beliefs that paralyze you and your success at work.  Our focus is to help you stop worrying excessively, and above all, to help you to enjoy your life again.

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