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We often hear the saying, “relationships are hard.”  Also, our relationships can serve as mirrors to guide us back within.  It's not only OK but necessary to take care of our side of the shore in order to show up present and available while listening to and honoring our needs and respecting our values. I support you in tuning in to your needs, wants, capacity, and limits so that when you give you feel whole, empowered and nourished.

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The Need for 'Healthy' Love.

You attempt the impossible to show your partner what true love is. You put the best of your energy into making your relationships work, even if it is unappreciated. You share your feelings, but deep down you know that they are not reciprocated. You realize that you are loving too much. Unfortunately, those experiences are not uncommon for us women.  Therapy can help you go underneath the thoughts and feeling driving you in your relationships and their dynamics.  

My goal is to help you identify when you are loving too much, and change course. I compassionately support you in stepping off the path of pain and participating in ways that feel more satisfying and meaningful to you. You deserve a healthy relationship that offers a balance between giving and receiving, be it love, attention, time, or support. You deserve a relationship that helps you grow. 

Warm Up on the Beach

The resentment of wanting to feel valued.

It is in your nature to worry and to put the needs of others before your own. And yet you notice with sadness that the care with which you treat others is not reciprocated and that others rarely realize what your needs are. We believe in you, and in the strength that lives within you. You may feel that it is difficult for you to express your needs, and often at the core is that we all need support to listen and look inside, to acknowledge our emotions, needs, and strengths, and embrace the contradictions and complexity of our behavior within our relationships. 

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