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The feeling of depression and burnout may cause you to feel numb and isolated even if you don't spend much time alone. It can be tough for you to open up and talk to someone about your feelings and your daily struggles. You simply feel no one cares. Our focus is on helping you find your way to connecting to yourself, your life, and your purpose. 

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The Silent Depression of Feeling Empty Inside

You lie on your bed with your cell phone and spend hours watching the perfect life of your friends, family, and even people you’ve never met. But admiration quickly turns to jealousy, even self-loathing. You constantly compare yourself to others. Life feels incredibly unfair because your relationships, and everything you’ve achieved, feel unsatisfying, your feel numb and disconnected from everything and everyone in your life. It is time to find yourself, your purpose, and your vitality. 

Stressed Woman

The Can't Say No Path to Burnout. 

Do you spend more time helping others than helping yourself, or give more than you can
afford to, investing valuable time and money seeking the approval of others? Do you say yes
to every demand placed upon you? Mentally, you know you should probably say no. Yet
guilt usually gets in the way of your better judgment. You feel physical and emotional
burnout, as not having limits is simply exhausting! Psychotherapy with me is focused  in discovering new ways to assess the demands placed upon you and feel good about yourself and enjoy the time you can channel to your WELL-BEING and vital priorities.

Stressed Woman
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