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I bring passion and commitment to helping diverse, multi-cultural, multi-racial, immigrant woman , children and parents in Oakland and Los Gatos, CA. 

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Proud Of My Roots

As a Peruvian-born therapist with a rich multicultural heritage, I bring a unique blend of personal and professional insights to my practice. Rooted in family values and community engagement, I am committed to delivering quality care. Understanding the immigrant experience, I’ve navigated the challenges of balancing multiple identities and have emerged empowered.


In my nurturing space dedicated to women and families, I leverage a rich tapestry of psychology and somatic practices. With over twelve years of experience, my expertise in early childhood mental health, attachment theory, and trauma treatment has been shaped by heartfelt work with children and their mothers. This experience spans both community-based, family-centered therapy and private practice, focusing on child-parent dynamics and women’s therapy.

My therapeutic approach is vibrant and ever-evolving, guided by continuous training and peer consultation, as is the standard in California. I am committed to staying ahead with integrative and holistic treatment methods, such as parts work, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and mindfulness-based therapies. These innovative practices enhance my foundational techniques in interpersonal neurobiology, creative art therapy, and evidence-based child-parent psychotherapy.

Outside Of The Therapy Room

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am deeply invested in personal wellness. Yoga, meditation, and overall well-being are not just practices but a way of life for me. Dance and movement remain my favorite therapeutic tools, reflecting my passion for embodied healing and creative expression.

I am a woman of integrity, dedicated to nurturing connections and empowering my clients to lead fulfilling lives. Together, we will embrace the transformative power of therapy, integrating mind, body, and spirit for holistic healing.


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