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Are you only able to feel good enough when you are overworked and hyper-productive? Would you like to get support finding your own way to balance it all? We are ready to support you in finding your own way.

Stressed Woman
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Escapism through work-Workaholism

Are you an extremely competitive woman?

Do you sometimes wonder if your work ethic is bordering on workaholism?

Let’s be real, your expectations are high, and you demand the same level of competence from your team members!

​ When problems come up, you are the only one that can address them!

Is this the opposite true in your personal life?

Are you dreading coming back home?

Outdoor Study Group

Disconnection in your relationships

Finding the support you are looking for and need in your relationships, including those with family and friends has been disappointing and very frustrating. It also might be true that it's been really difficult to make space for family time and stay close and be there for your children.


If that's the case, count on me to guide and accompany you to find the vital balance you are looking for.

Family at a Beach
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