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Female Accountant
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You are Unique and You are a Go Getter!

Women have many things in common, but no two of us are alike. It is our essence that makes us different. In a world where women can become anything they want, and achieve whatever they set their minds to, only you know the true value of reaching your goals. We believe that this is even more important for women of color, immigrants, those in a multiracial relationship, or identifying as non-binary. You path has not been easy, and you have had to push yourself twice as hard as others. Not just mentally, but emotionally, too. And if you’re a professional woman or an entrepreneur, you know that it requires a superhuman effort to succeed. Even with the support of a partner, or family, it is a path that you have often had to travel alone.

Female Accountant

So now it’s time to find a different way to live.

Would you like to be able to express what you feel, to find your emotional balance? Or show you are human, and cry without fear or shame?


Do you need the support to dare to take steps towards doing what you always wanted, which you know would bring meaning and purpose at this time in your life?


Do you want to lead a healthy life? Maybe you’re not sure how to ask for help, or where to

start. We are here for you!

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Female Accountant
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Getting Started

Whether it's your first time in therapy, or you have therapy experience, in each session, we will start by developing a healthy therapist-client relationship. From the start, we will focus on creating and finding a safe place, a way to harness trust, and a space free of judgment or shame.

Stable Foundation and Clear Goals

Our first priority is to identify your strengths, and the challenges you face. This allows us to define clear goals with you. If depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or other difficulties arise when facing the trials of day-to-day life, we will overcome them together. Our goal is to help you feel more stable and build the emotional resources you need to keep going.

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Our Distinctive Style of Therapy

 Dialogue, inquiry, reflection, and validation are all essential in helping you to get in touch with yourself and your feelings. At BeWellWoman, we support and honor the connection between your mind-body-heart through somatic strategies, mindfulness, and creative expression that give direct access to your inner truth, vitality, and authenticity.

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Deepening on Self-Awareness And Self-Integration

By looking at your life experience, culture, family background, and formative relationships, we can identify who you are and what you are made of. We meet your inner child, your adolescent self, and your adult parts; the complexity of your emotional and psychological being. The overlooked and unheard parts of you are typically expressed by symptoms, inner turmoil, or incongruences between our rational and emotional selves. Our emotional potential is realized by aligning all of who we are. We will be there for you during this profound inner journey to offer support and guidance.

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Redefining Your Life

We will focus more and more on your growth, and how you can redefine your lifestyle and relationships. We believe firmly that when you are grounded in self-acceptance, self-esteem, and integrated identity, you will be able to improve the dynamics of your relationships, your decisions, and your choices and find new ways to be WELL. When you feel good about yourself, you know how much you are worth, what you want and need, and where you are heading. Your personal journey, how you act, and the chances you take will make sense. Trusting yourself will become easier, as will making healthy life choices. Together, we will work to restore your integrative WELL-BEING.


Let's do this! Read more about the specific needs and our specialties for women like YOU. 

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