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Hi there, I’m Mariana Chavez, LMFT, and I opened bewelltherapy to support you and your family toward healing and transformation. We’re here to help women, healers, children, and parents overcome challenges like burnout and disconnection, and find grounding and purpose. Our specialty is in somatic therapy, play therapy, and family therapy in Oakland, Los Gatos, or anywhere in California for online therapy.
Expert Therapist Mariana Chavez, LMFT

for all of You

We all need to learn to manage our emotions and navigate the ups and downs including depression, and anxiety, among others.  This is true whether you need help with your sense of self, and your self-esteem as an adult woman, navigating life at home and work. We offer a holistic therapy approach for women like you through expert somatic therapy and support in navigating specific parenting challenges through family therapy, child therapy, and parent therapy.  

You and Your Family

group of mid forties female friends

Access expert somatic therapy and integrative experiential and creative strategies to address common concerns such as:


Inner Critic

Imposter Syndrome.



Chronic Stress

Health Concerns

Work-Life Balance

therapy for children and parents I.png

We address common parenting concerns like behavior problems, life changes, and adjustment difficulties.


Our holistic approach fosters healthy attachment, social-emotional development, and self-esteem by involving the child, family, and community to effectively support your child’s overall development.

emotional regulation and social skills

sensitive child and childhood anxiety

Healthy Woman seating ready for body-mind therapy with Mariana Chavez, LMFT

SomaticTherapy for Women in Los Gatos, Oakland or Online.
-50 Minutes

We specialize in somatic therapy for women, using creative strategies to address concerns like anxiety, imposter syndrome, depression, burn-out, chronic stress, and its impact on your health, and work-life balance. Seeking help is okay; take time for yourself. We’re here to support you on your healing and transforamtion.

 Family Therapy in Los Gatos and Oakland 
-50 Minutes

A family-centered approach to your child's social-emotional development.  We partner with you in creating a plan and working on attainable goals. We focus on strengthening your attachment bond as a foundation to address concerns you have as a parent. 

child and family therapy

sensitive child and anxiety in childhood

difficult child and neurodiversity

parents and child ready in therapy room with Mariana Chavez, LMFT
Child painting in session with Mariana Chavez, LMFT in child therapy session

Play Therapy for Children
-50 Minutes

We’re excited to welcome your child (6-10 years old) to our in-person sessions in Oakland and Los Gatos. Our specialized therapy sessions support creative expression, self-awareness, communication skills, and emotional regulation, fostering social-emotional development. We tailor our approach to address unique concerns like self-esteem, social difficulties, sibling rivalry, anxiety, and depression. Join us to nurture your child’s potential and turn challenges into growth opportunities.

child and family therapy

sensitive child and anxiety in childhood

difficult child and neurodiversity

Attachment-Based Parent Guidance
-50 Minutes

Envisioned as an adjunct support and integration in adult women's somatic therapy, child therapy, and family therapy. Our primary goal is to empower you in your parenting journey by boosting your confidence and strengthening the bond with your child. Whether parenting solo or with a partner, we believe exploring your unique experiences provides immense support. Join us to make your parenting journey rewarding and joyous. 

Children and Parents enjoying after therapy with Mariana Chavez, LMFT
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