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Committed and dedicated like you.  A practice offering therapy for women with or without children. No matter the type of family you have, we are here for you too. You can leave burnout, disconnection, perfectionism, and relationship difficulties behind. Feel grounded, motivated, and purposeful at home and at work.


Therapy for all You

In a world where women can become and do what they set out their minds to do, only you know the price to get to your goals and achievements at home and work. Even more so, if you are a woman of color, an immigrant, are in a multiracial relationship, or identify as non-binary. Your path has not been easy, you have had to push yourself beyond your limits not only mentally, but emotionally, which has been really exhausting.



Being a woman and a professional often requires a superhuman effort because even if you have a partner and family, often it is a path that you have traveled alone.


It is possible to get expert support navigating the multiple facets of your full life.

I am passionate about helping women with or without children overcome challenges that are unique to us women. Whether you struggle with your own self, in your parenting, or your work identity,. My main goal is that you do remember, that you are not alone.


By choosing therapy, you can expect reduced shame, increased clarity, improved communication, and groundedness in your day-to-day life, at home and work. 

We co-evaluate your current circumstances and co-create the best approach for you individually or for your children and family. 

You and Your Family

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Access expert Body-Mind therapy or Somatic Psychotherapy and integrative experiential and creative strategies to address common concerns such as:


Inner Critic

Imposter Syndrome.



Chronic Stress

Health Concerns

Work-Life Balance

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Children and Parents

Child parent psychotherapy, Child Therapy, and Child Services address common parenting concerns such as behavior problems, life changes, and adjustment difficulties,  healthy attachment, social-emotional development, and self-esteem. 


A holistic approach to child-family-community addresses your child's social-emotional needs and development effectively. 

Therapy Session

Individual Adult Sessions
-50 Minutes

These sessions take place in person in Oakland or San Jose or via video or a phone call. Weekly encounters and the duration of the sessions will ease your experience by not feeling rushed. This is the ideal time to slow down after a busy week and make the desired progress in your life.

Child-Parent Sessions
-50 Minutes

Child-parent sessions are offered in person only in Oakland or San Jose, and can also be provided in the comfort of your home. We need to allow you to decide where is the most convenient environment for you and your child to be able to obtain the most beneficial experience out of the therapy sessions. For services requested to be in your home, we discuss and set a travel fee for each occasion to visit you and your child for a therapy session. 

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