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Child - Parent Psychotherapy
and Child Therapy

I can be helpful in many areas of common difficulty for children and their families. You might experience continuous and highly stressful daily interactions and feelings towards your child, or you worry and have persistent fears about their social, and emotional development. Perhaps your child and /or entire family have gone through difficult changes, transitions, or traumatic events which might have affected you all in different ways.    

With children ages 1-6, our sessions will include you, the parents, whom I view as the most important person in your child's life. A healthier relationship between you will have a lasting positive effect on all aspects of your child's development. I specialize in child-parent psychotherapy, a modality for treating young children in the context of their primary attachment relationships; it's an evidence-based therapy for the treatment of young children. 

Treating older children may involve more individual sessions or a combination of individual and family sessions.  I utilize various forms of therapy with children, including art, talk, and play.

Therapy will help children to experience, manage and express their emotions in healthy ways, increase their sense of safety and mutual enjoyment in relationships with their parents/caregivers and engage in appropriate behaviors/skills typically expected of them based on their age. Additionally, you can expect therapy to help your child to form and maintain enjoyable relationships with siblings, peers and with adults outside the family.

Child Therapy
Individual Therapy

Therapy for Women

A therapist for your whole self - your body, mind, and relationships.  Seeking help is an important decision! Perhaps you are struggling with how you see and feel about yourself, or relationships feel difficult and unsatisfying. At  BeWellWoman/BeWellMujer we address the following concerns:​ Click on each of the following to read more.

Unhealthy Relating

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