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Our focus is on supporting your inner well-being and that of your children and family.  We are a dedicated practice to supporting and reaching immigrant, multi-cultural, multi-racial women and families from all walks of life with high-quality and expert body-mind therapy and child-parent psychotherapy, and child therapy.

Addressing you and your families' needs

 My approach to your needs in therapy, has a special focus on self-care and self-love, harnessing health in relationships, and reconnecting to the capacity for fulfillment, purpose, meaning, and vitality in daily life. 


As you read further you'll find out more about the many ways we women commonly struggle in our personal and professional lives. I have crafted a two-way approach through individual therapy for women and child-parent psychotherapy, and child-centered services to address particular parenting concerns. 

A quick consultation can help clarify our approach to address your needs and those of your family and will help you move forward and get started.


You and Your Family

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I offer expert Body-Mind therapy or Somatic Psychotherapy and integrate experiential and creative modalities to address common concerns such as:


Inner Critic

Imposter Syndrome.



Chronic Stress

Health Concerns

Work-Life Balance

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Child - Parent Psychotherapy

Child parent psychotherapy, Child Therapy, and Child Services address common parenting concerns such as behavior problems, life changes, and adjustment difficulties,  healthy attachment, social emotional-development, and self-esteem. 


A holistic approach to child-family-community addresses your child's social-emotional needs and development effectively. 


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We offer a free 15-minute consultation.

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